Remember that cute little site you built several years ago? The one you spent so much time, energy, and money on? If it still looks like it did back then, it’s costing you money and you may be putting your business at risk of going out of business. Here’s why your website needs an upgrade and why your site could lose revenue if it doesn’t get an update soon.

The Cost of Rushing Your Website

Websites like Wix or Squarespace are nice to use. They make it really easy to get started, and they give you a lot of templates that look pretty good out of the box. But if you’re trying to build a site that matches your brand, it will cost you money in lost revenue down the road because it’s not your brand. It may save you some time up front, but they don’t teach you how to build sites yourself so when something breaks, or something needs changing (like a color update), or perhaps even just some content gets updated—you’re screwed. You need someone else (aka an expert) to fix your site if anything changes; often times for a hefty price tag! Now think about what happens if your business is booming? Suddenly, you have more customers coming through than ever before and things are getting hectic. If you’ve built your website on a platform like Wix or Squarespace (or any other DIY website builder), suddenly all those extra customers means you can’t keep up with support requests because now it requires more than one person to manage everything on these platforms. And then suddenly everything starts breaking left and right and customers start leaving because their experience isn’t great anymore…and suddenly, your company is out of business….all because of bad planning! This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try DIY tools at all. In fact, we recommend them!

The Risk of Making Your Website Yourself

Many small businesses and solopreneurs think about making their website themselves to save money. While it can cost a few hundred dollars to outsource the design and development, you don’t want to be the site owner that is mocked as having an ugly website in today’s digital world. Look around at your favorite websites – they may have some initial awkwardness too but they didn’t have to waste their time trying to make the site look right. Designing a professional website can help build credibility for your business and give you peace of mind knowing your online presence is well-respected by potential customers and clients. Plus, it saves you time so you can focus on growing your business rather than maintaining an ugly site. Making your own website isn’t worth losing valuable time and revenue. The investment in hiring a professional web designer will pay off exponentially in more ways than one! Not only will you avoid any appearance of poor taste, you’ll gain more trust from those visiting your site due to its polished presentation.
And it doesn’t stop there; people judge books by their covers (your website) too! If you’re serious about creating a positive first impression with potential customers or clients, then invest in yourself with great branding elements like images or videos that illustrate what sets your company apart from others!

When Do You Hire a Website Designer

At some point in your company’s life cycle, you might find yourself asking how much does it cost to hire a website designer? Maybe your site has run its course. Maybe it looks just like all of your competitors. Or maybe you just don’t have time to figure out how to make it work for you. These are great reasons to find someone to take over your site and make it right—or if not right, better than what you have. There is no set answer as to when it’s time to hire a web designer or developer. Some businesses get by with basic sites that they build themselves, while others need more complex solutions that require professional assistance.

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