Short Answer? Yes, eventually it will. Sadly.

While it may take decades before web design is fully automated, some digital companies today are taking big strides in making it happen. Most digital companies will employ artificial intelligence (AI) as an enhancement to their current web design process and standards.

Looking back over 50 years of design history, you might think automated web design is as inevitable as sunrise. But just because it’s likely doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. The future isn’t written yet.

While web design has also evolved over time

Some say it will never reach a point where it is completely automated. A lot of companies say they offer automated web design services but when you take a look under the hood they haven’t quite figured it out yet.

That doesn’t mean companies are throwing their hands up, though. Web design is evolving rapidly as technology changes rapidly, especially within the past few years with social media sites changing constantly.

A company like Full Story creates an immersive experience by turning users’ stories into video clips. Full Story then tells these stories with video cameras at conferences or via sites like Snapchat Stories. This offers companies an option that is high touch but also automated — because human curators oversee everything from start to finish.

How close is automation software to replicating what human designers provide?
Well… it depends. Some software is entirely automated while others let you give instructions step by step as you build things like web pages or social media banners.

It’s still pretty tricky for the software to recreate something like an intricate illustration or a stunning photo but keep up to date on the latest updates because technology’s getting better fast.

It may seem like I am contradicting myself as you read this, that is because I am.

When I set out to research this to establish more than just one designers opinion, I found there were many other opinions that agreed with and still some that did not. Which leads me to my conclusion.

What is fact?

That is something that has been demonstrated to be true, observed to be true. Becuase design invloves art and art is that which is communicates to you, some idea or feeling in a quality that is recieved to the viewer, the whole area of art and thus design is opinion. So the only fact we can depend with regards to if web design can and will be automated, is strictly up to you.

While a human can program AI to suggest colors based on other colors, or build out a design, based on the users input, it will most likley never be able to create, on its own.

Will web design ever be automated? It will, because it’s trendy or becuase someone will want a cheap and fast process to a new website design. But will it be effective? More over SHOULD web design be automated? Let’s ask Elon Musk what he thinks.

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