Everything You Should Know  Marketing Consulting.

You may thinking about hiring a marketing consultant, you may not be quite sure what that entails or what you can expect to get from a new marketing consultant. You’re not alone; marketing consultants are highly sought after in today’s business climate, but they can be difficult to identify and differentiate from just another salesperson trying to make an easy sale. If you need marketing help, this page may help you learn more about marketing consultants, including how they operate and the benefits of working with them versus handling your own marketing tasks.

What should marketing consultants do?

Marketing consultants work with companies to improve their marketing strategies. 

This includes developing a new marketing plan, implementing an existing plan, researching the market, finding new clients, and more. Marketing consultants typically take on these tasks for a monthly fee or an agreed-upon percentage of the profits made from the company's new business ventures.

The most important job a marketing consultant has to understand what your company does or sells.  Job number two is to research ad research and research some more.

Marketing consultants are the experts in the field of marketing, and can help your business with everything from branding and messaging, to advertising, public relations, social media strategy, and more. From marketing consultants in Portland, who work in the field of digital marketing to those who specialize in brand development and reputation management, there's a marketing consultant near you ready to who can tackle your project. Just like the idea that all businesses need marketing, every company needs a marketing consultant - even if it’s just for one project. A marketing consultant will do much more than save you time and frustration by steering you away from bad ideas or misleading assumptions; they’ll also provide an outside perspective that is often hard to get when we’re too close to our own projects.

Marketing consultants may be a bit of a pain in the ass too, you should always make sure they are easy to contact and work with. 

They should be able to easily explain anything you need them to, as they work for you.

Marketing consultants are expensive. But, now you can get some help for free. 

We offer an initial marketing consultation for free, that is 30 minutes on a recorded Zoom call, where we cover any and all questions we can in that time frame so that you can leave feeling you have some answers and/or a direction to go.  Regardless of if you hire us or not, we can still help. No Stings Attached.

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