Short Answer? Yep.

When you think of art, maybe you picture things like sculpture, painting, or film. Sometimes when you think of art, maybe you picture things like music or poetry. What do you think of when you hear the word art? Do you even think of web design as being art? Well, it’s time to expand your thinking and realize that web design really can be considered an artform in its own right, just like the rest of the things you consider to be art.

Web Design as Art
Today, we’re going to talk about web design. You see, web designers often think they’re alone in creating a piece of content—one that truly represents who they are and what they stand for. But if you really think about it, when it comes to showcasing yourself and your brand or product on a website, isn’t that exactly what you’re doing? If so, wouldn’t that make your work more than just a series of text blocks and images? So, let’s begin with one of my favorite quotes: Art is anything you can get away with. – Andy Warhol Nowadays, there is such a wide variety of mediums available to us as artists (or should I say web designers?) that we can create almost anything imaginable. That being said, why not take advantage of those opportunities? Why not give your users something unique and original?

Web Design is problem solving
Just like any other business, a business that designs websites for clients must solve problems for them. The best designers will take into account what their customers need and come up with a solution that addresses those issues. Once you learn how to translate those needs into real solutions, you can begin offering your services to potential clients. The process might seem simple enough, but it takes practice and time to learn how to solve your client’s problems so well they won’t even realize they were having problems in the first place.

Aesthetics vs. Usability
The big debate in web design is whether usability or aesthetics should win out. This question is still hotly debated amongst designers and clients, with no clear consensus on which method yields better results. However, what is clear to many of us is that both methods are important to include in a project; if aesthetics come at the expense of usability, you’re likely to find frustrated users—and vice versa.

What Makes Web Design So Different From Other Forms of Art?
Traditionally, artists spend years working toward a degree in their chosen field. In other words, they master a craft before they earn recognition for it. Web designers on the other hand, can publish work to millions of people with very little in terms of formal training or accreditation. Anyone can become a web designer — all you need is access to software and information on how to use it. As such, there’s no barrier to entry for new designers; anyone can create a website and call themselves a web designer. This has led many people to question whether web design should even be considered an art form at all. And yet despite its lack of regulation, we still consider web design as much more than just functional coding – it’s also beautiful!

>Is Creating Great Web Design Hard Work Or Talent Based?
Anyone who has ever tried to learn how to draw or paint can tell you how difficult it is, but they also know if they stick with it, over time, they can do better. You’ll find that drawing and painting also take a lot of practice—the more you do it, typically, the better you get. With that in mind, I often ask my clients if their designers are talented or hard workers when I work with agencies.

The Museums That Are Honoring Web Designs Like A Work Of Art
Online, you can see your favorite works of art from museums around the world. Can you also visit a gallery that features original and unique websites like a work of art? The answer is yes; in fact, there are at least two museums that offer website galleries. Read on to learn more about these fascinating institutions. You may even want to check out their online exhibits yourself!

Who Would Have Thought Web Design Could Be Considered An Artform?!
Web Design is about more than just what a website looks like – it’s about how it functions, flows and connects. All of these aspects of web design are wrapped up into a beautiful package that sits in front of us every day. In many ways, this is exactly how fine art works: it presents itself to us in both visual and conceptual forms. While some people may not consider web design as an art form, there are many parallels between it and traditional fine arts.

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