The Short Answer? Be Organized. More Organized Than Your Designer.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you know the importance of having a website that looks great and works well to help attract new customers to your business and convert them into paying clients. But even if you’re running on a tight budget, there are still ways you can save money by hiring someone to build your website professionally — and make sure it’s search engine optimized to bring in the most customers possible — without sacrificing quality or customer service along the way.

Get an idea of what you need

If you’re going to hire a professional, do your research. Find some websites that you like and get an idea of what you want. Figure out what features you need in order for your website to be successful.

Do you know how many pages you want?

There are tons of different kinds of web design options out there, but if you don’t know how many pages you need, your designer may end up building something you don’t need. Before you hire someone, make sure that you understand what your website will be used for and have an idea of how many pages it will include. Once that’s established, it’s time to find someone who can help bring your site to life.

What do you want it to look like?

This is an important question to ask yourself. For example, if you’re creating a website for your restaurant, you might not need all of these features: integrated e-commerce, interactive video etc. When it comes time to pay for your new site, make sure that you’re getting what you want at an affordable price. A good professional should be able to explain everything in detail before they start building so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay!

What will be on each page?

A professionally built website will not only help you make more money, but it will also take off some of your workload. When you are looking for a professional to build your website, make sure that they can provide every page and tool that you need. This includes contact information for your website, links for social media accounts and e-commerce features in case you plan on selling products or services online.

Which services are included?

When you’re looking for a website design and/or development company, make sure you find one that offers professional services in addition to reasonably priced packages. A website looks good when it’s being built but will also need regular upgrades and edits—and if you don’t have experience doing these things yourself, your website could become outdated or even lose traffic as Google updates its algorithm.

What can I expect from the designer/developer?

How can you ensure that your professionally built website is working hard for you? As an entrepreneur, you want your business to grow. A professionally designed and developed website will attract new customers. You should know what kind of services are included in any professional design package before signing on with a designer or developer. For example, if you’re paying someone $3,000 for a website build, what do you get for your money? What services does it include? What kind of results can you expect from your professionally built website? Do they offer search engine optimization (SEO) as part of their service or do they outsource SEO to another company? Ask questions! The more questions you ask, the better prepared you’ll be when it comes time to work with a designer/developer.

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