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Good enough just isn’t good enough anymore. 
Today’s consumers are more discerning than ever before and will not give your business the time of day if they don’t feel it’s worth their while. Instead, they’ll choose to purchase from your competitor down the street or online because they know you can be just as fast and affordable with top quality. Put simply, you need to be better than OK if you want to succeed in today’s market — which means making it the number one priority to ensure your website is up to scratch.

Fast, Cheap or Good? Pick Two?

It seems like almost every small business today wants to focus on quality, but if you think about it, that just doesn’t make sense. If you can create something of high quality quickly and cheaply, why not? Well, unfortunately we are told that it is never that simple – there are always trade-offs in every situation. Usually a project can be done faster if it’s not done well or affordable and you don’t want to risk losing sales due to your website not being high quality and usable so then, how do you decide?  You go for it all, Fast, Cheap, AND Good.

Your OK Website Just Isn’t

In 2022, with how website technology has progressed, you should never just settle for any old website anymore. Every website has to be AMAZING or your potential customers arrive, bounce, and check out your competition, even if your website is exactly what they're looking for because your competitor's site looks more professional, loads faster or easier to use! How can you beat them? Will your OK website make people choose you over your competition?

Why do Websites Cost So Much Money Now?

A website has become so much more than a place to post information. It’s a multi-faceted piece of technology that can be used in many different ways and to present how your company is better and different from your competition. Keeping up with changing trends, technology and website security is costly.  At the same time, technology continues to evolve and it’s getting harder and harder for businesses to keep up with all of those changes while staying on top of their own daily operations, leaving them open to security breaches like viruses or even worse: they simply don’t have any time left over after everything else they have going on. What can you do?

What Kind of “High Quality” Can You Get In a Short Time Period?

The biggest myth about high quality is that it takes forever and costs an arm and a leg. With many things, that is the case.  But with the emergence of these aforementioned new technologies and a clever production process, there are many things that are now high quality AND made fast AND are affordable.  Take BMW.  They have been able to turn out 10's of thousands of sports cars every month. Yet their cars are high quality and FAR cheaper than say a Ferrari, which takes weeks to build one car and costs 2-10X what a BMW will cost. Now, obviously building a website or even just a simple business card doesn't take months like building an automobile does. But the "Ultimate" Website Machine is now a thing.  Keep Reading.

I have no idea how I want it look, or do I?

Not sure what you want your ideal sight to look like?  Not sure what to put on your site? You're not alone. The key is to be organized, research and be prepared. Decide what websites you like and don’t like. Decide what content you will have on your site, and make notes for each page, what feeling, images or written content you’d want to use. The key to a fast site build, when hiring someone to build it or not, is being prepared. Honestly, If it takes longer than 21 days to create your website, then organization is your problem, yours or your website company’s.

How Can You Get The Perfect Website, Affordable, Fast, and High Quality.

So far we have covered that there is new technologies to be used, which makes it simple and fast to make a site; "Ultimate Web Machine”, Using a proven and predictable production line, like how BMW makes cars.

We have covered that the key to keeping costs down is to come to your web development process organized so you or they know what direction to go and you want done. Where does the high quality portion come from?  That is where a professional designer comes in.

What Goes Into a High Quality Website?

Big design and development agencies are known for their high quality designs and websites, they have huge teams working for them. Some companies even have entire departments whose sole responsibility is to create one web page, which makes sense when you think about how much can go into a single web page, but that makes it hard to build a solid website in less than three weeks!  With the cost of paying an entire team to build one web page, using a large agency certainly is NOT affordable.  We are talking $10,000 to $40,000 for one website. Is that affordable?

The Magic of the 3 interview Process

The 3 interview process is a technique to gather all the information needed to create something great. With Loud Mouthed Media, when we start a new website, we do it all in 3 steps. We have one interview call to discuss to the project, what you like and don't like, what content you have and what we need to provide.  Then we send 3-5 professionally designed websites, you pick the one you like the best and we build it.  The second interview is to perfect your new website design and plug in your content. We discuss what you want to use and what content needs to be made, then we do it.  The third and final interview is to take this finished product and perfect it again, get it ready to launch.  Then we launch your new site. All this is usually done in 21 days.

A predictable outcome and cost.

What my clients often experience, something that you may have as well, is that when you have hired someone to build a website for you or your company, the outcome can be somewhat in what unexpected. 

Either it was more expensive that was originally communicated, it doesn't look like you wanted it to, or some feature didn't come out as expected.  

With our process, 3 interviews, fixed cost and a predictable outcome, you get what you paid for and more.  

Plus we warranty your site for one year, fix it if it breaks (provided you didn’t break it), host it AND will update your content for that same year!

We over promise and over deliver. ALWAYS.

Joshua Woods

Loud Mouthed Media Company

"Loud Mouthed Media pulled together a lot of key components, they have a system I can count on, its repeatable, predictable, I know what we are going to get, the price is predictable and the project outcome is predictable. "

Tom Burton

Lead Smart Technology

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